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On the market, there are all kinds of inverter, like car inverter, home inverter, pure sine wave inverter, etc. People hope to buy satisfaction assured power inverter product in order to ensure that the actual normal application. Then, people need to focus on what several aspects in the purchase of the inverter, this article on the topics described.
220v power inverter is a widely applicate transformer. With the power inverter, household appliances can be used in the car by connecting to the output. This article will lead you to know more about the power inverter.220v power inverter
There are a lot of letters and numbers printed on the battery, just find the words XXAH to know the battery capacity. Let me talk about the meaning of AH. A for ampere (amp.), is the current unit, H for hours (h). "Ah," the two letters together means "ampere per hour", referred to within an hour how many amps sustainable output. XX is usually in front of the two figures, namely the number of amps. For example, 45AH on behalf of this battery can be output12 volt 45 amps of current in an hour. As this battery can power output, we use 12 volts multiplied by 45 amps, draw 540 watts, which is the output power of the battery (theoretical value).
The home power inverter directly take 12V DC power supply from a DC power source (such as: storage batteries, etc.), with a special clamp connected to the inverter into AC 220V, to supply electrical products. You can size the rated power electrical products to select a matched power inverter. But pay attention to the use of electrical appliances rated power less than or equal to the inverter rated power.
  1. Office equipment: Desktop computer, laptop computer, mobile phone, printers, monitors, etc.
  2. Household appliances: TV, stereo, DVD player, BD player, refrigerator, etc.
  3. Touring: outdoor lighting, cooking equipment, etc.
  4. Outdoor jobs: Power tools, vehicles emergency relief, commercial promotion, etc.
  5. Recreation: Cell phone, PDA, digital camera, battery charging up and GPS satellite navigation, etc.
Full introduction of pure sine wave inverter protection function, including inverter output function, over-voltage protection function, voltage protection function, overload protection, short circuit protection, overheating protection function, reverse battery protection function and optional mains switching function.
AC converter is the voltage of the grid into a stable 12V DC output, while the output of the pure sine wave inverter is the Adapter 12V DC voltage into a high voltage alternating current high frequency; the same two parts are used with more than the width modulation (PWM) technique. Its core is an integrated PWM controller, Adapter using UC3842, the pure sine wave inverter is used TL5001 chip. TL5001 operating voltage range of 3.6~40V, which features an internal error amplifier, a regulator, oscillators, with dead-controlled PWM generator, low-voltage protection circuit and short circuit protection and so on.
Before people's lives through the wires inside so that the AC into DC for such a manner. But for now people, the people's lives for the use of alternating current is a lot, so a lot of consumers who live in it will need to transmit DC to AC. The pure sine wave inverter is the emergence for a lot of people, because they live in demand has been very good improvement. Power inverter applications are very widely in industry nowadays.
At present inverter mainly adopts the PWM, controller rapid switch to DC in a pulse-period to ensure that the DC integral value is equal to the sampling values of AC sine wave at the same time, so after filtering output, more than 96% of the sine wave output can be realized.

Modern inverter technology is a science and technology to study power inverter circuit theory and application. It is a practical technology based on industrial electronics, semiconductor technology, modern control technology, modern power electronic technology, semiconductor converter technology, pulse width modulation (PWM) technology and other subjects. It mainly includes the semiconductor power integrated device and its application, power inverter circuit and the inverter control technology.
We are familiar with power inverters, but seriously, this doesn't mean that we really understand the correct method of using a power inverter at home. When we operate or use power inverters, we should pay attention to some details. Perhaps these details are the important factors to influence the power inverter's life and the safety of the use.

In order to extend the service life of the power inverter and take responsibility for our own use of security, we hope everyone can master the correct method of using the power inverter at home.
Although power inverter is used widely, but in terms of security, the national authority organizations in China have also made the corresponding certification. We need to understand specific assessment project to ensure the safety of work equipment when we install power inverters. So as to better protect the safety of operating personnel. The following aspects should be considered accordingly when we install an inverter.

Of course, in the power inverter safety assessment of the project, apart from the need to consider the above three, we should also want to consider limiting circuit. Thus it can ensure the safety of operating personnel through limit the output currents.
For the power inverter, the first we need to know is that the inverter is a transformer, which runs actually process of converter voltage inverter. The power inverter is the most used technology is the pulse width modulation technology. Its main core part is the integrated PWM controllers, which control the process like our brain.

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