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12V/24V Home Inverter Applications

  1. Office equipment: Desktop computer, laptop computer, mobile phone, printers, monitors, etc.
  2. Household appliances: TV, stereo, DVD player, BD player, refrigerator, etc.
  3. Touring: outdoor lighting, cooking equipment, etc.
  4. Outdoor jobs: Power tools, vehicles emergency relief, commercial promotion, etc.
  5. Recreation: Cell phone, PDA, digital camera, battery charging up and GPS satellite navigation, etc.
User's guidance
  1. DC voltage must be the same. Each inverter has the rated input DC voltage value, such as 12V, 24V, etc. The battery voltage should be the same to inverter DC input voltage.
  2. The inverter output power must be higher than the electrical appliance power, especially the appliances with high starting power, such as refrigerators and air conditioners. It is also necessary to leave more margins.
  3. The positive and negative poles must be connected correctly. Access to the inverter DC voltage marked with positive and negative poles. Red for positive pole, black for negative pole, the battery is also marked with positive and negative, red is positive, black is negative. It must take positive connection positive (red to red) and negative to the negative (black to black). Cable diameter must be large enough and minimize the length of the cable.
  4. The 12v/24v power inverter should be placed in ventilated and dry place to guard against rain, and with the surrounding objects distance 20cm or more. It should be away from flammable materials, or cover other items should not be placed in the machine, the ambient temperature is not greater than 40℃.
  5. Charging and inverting cannot be performed simultaneously. That will not be charged when the inverter output of the inverter plug into an electrical circuit.
  6. The two booting intervals should not less than 5 seconds (cut off the input power).
  7. Use dry cloth or anti-static cloth to keep the power inverter clean.
  8. Before connecting the input and output of the power inverter, the shell of the device should be properly grounded.
  9. To avoid accidents, user should not open the shell to operate and use the inverter.
  10. If the device is not normally operating, please do not continue to use it.
  11. When connecting the battery, make sure that no other metal objects on hand, in order to avoid the battery short-circuit or damage to human body.
  12. Based on security considerations and performance, installation environment shall meet the following conditions: 1) Drying: Prevent water or rain; 2) Shady: Temperature between 0℃ and 30℃; 3) Ventilation: No foreign matters on the shell, keep ventilated of all sides.
  1. Televisions, monitors, motors, power peak at start, although the nominal power inverter can withstand twice the peak power, but some electrical power in accordance with the peak power requirements may exceed the peak output power converter, causing overload, the current is turned off. While driving a plurality of appliances may happen, then you should turn off electrical switches, turn the inverter switch, and then turn on electrical switches one by one, and should open the high peaks of electrical appliances.
  2. During operating, the battery voltage drops when the DC input voltage of the power inverter drops 10.4-11V, alarm emits peak song, this time a computer or other sensitive electrical appliances should be switched off. If you ignore the alarm sound, the inverter voltage to 9.7-10.3V, the automatic shutdown to avoid excessive battery is discharged. When the power protection turns off, the red light is on;
  3. Timely start the vehicle to charge the battery, in order to prevent power failure, the impact of the car starts and battery life;
  4. Although the converter has overvoltage protection, input voltage exceeds 16V will still cause damage;
  5. After continuous operation, the housing surface temperature rise to 60℃, pay attention to proper airflow, vulnerable to high temperature of the object should stay away from.
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