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Pure Sine Wave Inverter Character, Application & Advantages

The pure sine wave inverter is a DC to AC transformer, and it is actually a process of conversion is a voltage inverter.

AC converter is the voltage of the grid into a stable 12V DC output, while the output of the pure sine wave inverter is the Adapter 12V DC voltage into a high voltage alternating current high frequency; the same two parts are used with more than the width modulation (PWM) technique. Its core is an integrated PWM controller, Adapter using UC3842, the pure sine wave inverter is used TL5001 chip. TL5001 operating voltage range of 3.6~40V, which features an internal error amplifier, a regulator, oscillators, with dead-controlled PWM generator, low-voltage protection circuit and short circuit protection and so on.
Pure sine wave inverter

1. 220V power inverter the car obtained is 220V 50HZ, the high point of the sine wave, is generally cheaper square wave. With the kind of sine wave power outlet and connected, is the same, but in fact the square wave can also be used, but if there are fans and other electrical equipment used, there will be some noise, the reason for using a square wave, because this modulation is relatively low cost. In general, this car inverter, maximum power of 500 w, however, air conditioning is generally more than 700 watts, but, you really want to loading on home air conditioners? Car air-conditioning, including those buses, is to let the engine directly drives the compressor, not electricity, if more than the middle of a power conversion process, the loss is even greater. And is not good equipment, might as well use automotive air conditioning.

2. connected notebook, TV, CD or something, just use under his nominal power, no problem but note that he is connected to the car battery, although he usually 11V power protection automatically, avoid brownouts cause the car not start, but still not appropriate in the case of the engine is not operating, and therefore if the load is relatively large, it is recommended to start the engine. It will not be a problem to charge the phone.

3. The electric car, a man called DC-DC module, called DC converter, the input module 48V, 12V output, then you just buy a car inverter 12V input can be used. This module can only provide general 5A current, a maximum of 10A, and also with what the lights, so it is easy to overload.

4. There is a vvvf traction inverter for frequency transformer urban rail vehicles, train traction when the high voltage (typically dc750V or DC1500V) into three-phase power supply voltage and frequency adjustable electric traction motivation to use, during braking inertia can drive the train traction motor rotation phase energy emitted is converted to direct current is fed back to the grid or consumed by the energy consumption of the module.

Inverter applications in communication field:

Offer AC auxiliary power to provide DC power.

Some maintenance tools require AC power, DC power supply AC power cannot be provided by means of inverter.

DC-AC conversion function is provided for the photo-voltaic grid power systems.

Invert DC solar system to produce alternating current.

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