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DC to AC Power Inverter on Vehicle, Car and Bike

The power inverter is very extensive equipment. It can achieve a DC to AC inverting. The development of such devices has a great progressive significance. In fact, the power inverter in the vehicle also has a certain application. This article will introduce inverter applications in various types of vehicles.

1. Electric bike
Power inverter application of electric bike is very common. There is a module that is DC-DC module, also known as the DC converter, the DC converter input is 48V, output 12V. People can buy a 12V input inverter.

2. Car
The car will also contain an inverter, 220V inverter but the car obtained a sine wave 220V 50HZ, high point, if cheap, usually a square wave. In general, car power inverter maximum will not exceed 500W.

3. Urban rail vehicle
Urban rail vehicles have an inverter. General urban rail vehicle on VVF will have a traction power inverter. It is mainly used for frequency transformer. When the train pulling into the high-voltage frequency and voltage three-phase power supply can be adjusted using the traction electric motive, when the brake can be driven by the inertia of the train traction motor rotation phase energy emitted is converted into direct current is fed back to the grid or consumed in the energy consumption of the module.

Car power inverter

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