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Car Power Inverter Installation and Using Cautions

Some people constructed their car into a "mobile home": car TV, car refrigerator, car vacuum cleaners, air purifiers are all installed to the car, and even mobile phone and laptop charging are also on board. Maintenance experts have warned that this is not feasible and could cause dangerous, because quality problems, improper installation and application are likely to damage the car.

Self-installation is not recommended
In order to facilitate reversing, many owners give the car reversing radar installation. Under normal circumstances, installation of the car reversing radar, car DVD such appliances are not big problems, but be sure to buy good quality, high credibility product, do not buy cheaper but low quality product.
It is needed to be reminding that, installation of these appliances may involve car circuit, so car owners are better to regular professional car service stations. Do not install the car power inverter and other automotive electronics by yourself, especially when modifying car stereo. When the electrical installation, if the connection is not standardized, not securely installed, seal failure and even pick the wrong line, it may cause a short circuit, ranging from burned fuses, destruction of electrical equipment, or cause a fire.
Car power inverter application
Be careful when using car power inverter
Some car owners installed car power inverter for mobile phone and laptop charging. An inverter for car can convert 12V DC to 220V AC. With the device, you can usually use home electrical appliances on car.
When purchasing car inverter, be sure to choose a good brand, because poor quality car inverter is easy to get heat and may explode in high temperature. Experts have warned that the car has original 12V voltage, it will not cause great problem. But if that becomes a voltage of 220V, the inverter once a problem, the consequences could be very serious. In addition, also attention that when using car inverter, clean the dirt at the plug to prevent bad contact or abnormal overheating.

Use less electrical component after stops the car
When the car is running, the electric energy generated by the rotation of the engine is sufficient variety of automotive electrical use. However, after stopped, the engine does not generate electricity. All electricity comes from the car battery. In this case, the electrical components should be used sparingly, and do not use multiple devices at the same time. Because the car battery has lower capacity, and it will be gradually aging, the storage amount will become increasingly reduced. Once the electrical power consumed over more, the car cannot be started for low electricity.

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