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Considerations of Using Power Inverter

We are familiar with power inverters, but seriously, it doesn't mean that we really understand the proper utilization of inverter. When we operate or use inverters, we should pay attention to some details. Perhaps these details are important factors to influence the inverter's life and the safety of the use.

Of cause, the most basic issue is that the connection between positive and negative electrode's must be correct. The positive and negative electrodes are clearly marked on the power inverter, so this will not be difficult to manage. We also need to pay attention to the working site of the inverter. The place should be arid and ventilated, especially, the power inverter should not be contact with rainwater and explosive. And furthermore, nothing is allowed to be covered on the inverter and the temperature of use must be above 40℃.

In order to avoid the inverter to be burned out, the interval between two starting is best to be over 5 seconds. Everyone must remember that when we use the power inverter, it can't be opened when operating. If you do so, it is easy to cause dangerous. We should notice our hands free from metallic materials if we want to connect it with battery. To avoid short out and cause harm to human body.

These are some small but difficult noticed problems. A lot of damages to the inverter and safety accidents is due to our carelessness. When you notice these announcements, your power inverter will be work with higher efficiency and have a longer lifetime than others. In order to extend the service life of the inverter and take responsibility for our own security, we hope everyone can master the correct method of using inverter.
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